New is Good

With growth comes growing pains, and with growing pains comes growth. Here at the store we have spent the last almost 70 years adding and growing. With that we have seen bigger warehouses to handle our customers needs, substantially larger inventory, and the need for more space. Being members of the community for our entire lives we know what you need and sometimes want. So to service the community better we have decided to expand!

With the expansion comes a lot of growing pains. That means some construction at inconvenient times in inconvenient places. It’s exciting to see it happen and it’s been a long time coming. This is an idea and plan we have had for years. From the moment we thought of it, it has been a non-stop conversation and with it our goal is to keep any expansion in tune with the rest of the store. So it won’t be like walking into an old store that has relocated everything to the new part. When you walk in it will be as if it was always here, minus the 70 years of foot traffic on the wood floors.

We will have a dedicated page to the expansion. We will post new pictures and video of the process to keep you updated. Our builder, Mike Nichols, has experience working here and has done most of our building projects from the 16′ awning out front to the large warehouse in the back. So with him will come trusted craftsmanship and quality. Click here to check out our renovation page and follow the progress!

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