When it comes to happy cows, horses, goats, pigs, donkeys, or whatever you like on your farm you need to have good food. Just like you, your animals need a well balanced diet. We carry the items you need to have happy animals.

There’s a lot that goes into the care of one of God’s creatures. We believe theses animals deserve our respect and they should be treated as such. So that is why we always appreciate what our customers suggest in terms of the animals needs.

We carry feed for all types of livestock and are always adding to what we stock to help your livestock succeed!

We have:

Blue Seal Horse Feeds

  • Sweet Feed
  • Tribute Horse Feed
    • Kalm N’ Ez
    • Kalm N’ Ez Glucosamine (GC)
    • Kalm Ultra
    • Essential K
    • Essential K GC
  • Pig Stock Feed
  • Sheep Feed
  • Corn

Call if you have any question or would like us to stock something for you. Special blends can be available!

Hours Monday-Saturday 7:30-5pm closed Sunday
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